Documentary Art

I call this kind of painting “Documentary Art” because it not only depicts the athlete, but it also documents his/her achievements throughout their career. I paint these on plywood, using wood-burning, wood stain, acrylic paints and transfer type. I always try to incorporate the wood grain in the overall design to integrate and help the flow of action.

  • Bob Feller
    Bob Feller
    Painting of Bob Feller, Member of t ...
  • Jim Brown
    Jim Brown
    Painting of Jim Brown, Pro Football ...
  • Harrison Dillard
    Harrison Dillard
    Painting of Harrison Dillard, track ...
  • Sandy Koufax
    Sandy Koufax
    Painting of Sandy Koufax, Member of ...
  • Jim Thorpe
    Jim Thorpe
    Painting of Jim Thorpe, Pro Footbal ...
  • Jesse Owens
    Jesse Owens
    Painting of Jesse Owens, track and ...
  • Seoul Sisters
    Seoul Sisters
    Sisters-in-law Florence Griffith Jo ...

12 Steps to “Documentary Art”

1. On a smoothly sanded board, arrange the tissue drawings of all the elements.
2. Using transfer paper, trace the outlines of all the elements.
3. All the elements have been outlined in position.
4. Woodburn the names and outlines.
5. The woodburning finished.
6. Apply the stain where you want it.
7. Staining is finished and drying.
8. Mask out the figures to be painted, and apply a coat of gesso heavy enough to cover the wood grain.
Lightly sand the gesso for a smooth painting surface.
9. Using the original tissue drawings, trace the details of the figures.
10. Ready to paint.
11. Painting.
12. When the painting is done, use transfer type for all the records and other pertinent information.